Topographic Surveying, Scanning and GIS Support

Chisinau Water Development Programme – Water Network Rehabilitation

Topographic Surveys for Design Purposes

Topographic surveys covering over 110 hectares to support the design phase of the water supply services development program for Chisinau Municipality. During this stage, our team conducted comprehensive topographic surveys using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. The surveys involved establishing survey control points, conducting field surveys, collecting elevation data, and creating digital terrain models (DTMs) to facilitate the design and planning of the water supply networks.

As Built Topographic Measurements and Detailed Plans

Post-execution topographic measurements and produce detailed plans for approximately 117 km of water supply networks.
During this stage, our team conducted post-execution topographic measurements and produced detailed plans to ensure the accuracy and functionality of the water supply networks. The activities included verifying as-built conditions, conducting spot checks, updating topographic data, and producing detailed plans for the entire length of the water supply networks. These plans included information such as pipe alignments, utility crossings, and other relevant details necessary for the operation and maintenance of the networks.

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